Our Vision

We’re changing the way people feed their dogs by replacing daily bowls of kibble with fresh, whole foods packed full of goodness.
Most people believe that kibble provides their dog with a nutritious diet. But feeding your dog the same food day after day – especially when it’s chock full of chemicals and additives – simply isn’t healthy. At the Good Boy Company, we believe a fresh, varied diet makes for a happier, healthier dog. But we understand that most people don’t have the time to become dedicated doggy-chefs. That’s why we’ve developed a simple, convenient solution to deliver fresh, hearty meals tailored to your dog, right to your door.
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Keep things real

We promise to use only the highest quality ingredients and to be honest about what you’re dog is really eating

Rethinking pet food

By creating a distribution system capable of delivering pet food at its freshest, at better value.

Reduce waste

Our bowls and cooler bags are built to last. The earth has a limited number of resources and we’re dedicated to preserving these precious resources
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