We promise to:

Use only 100% human grade ingredients

Source everything in New Zealand

Never use artificial flavours or preservatives

Never use fillers such as wheat or corn

Use only the freshest ingredients

All our ingredients are sourced right here in New Zealand from suppliers that meet the tougher heath and safety requirements of selling food for human consumption. Everything we use is high quality, human-grade ingredients we’ll be proud to sell to anyone in the world.

Huge disclaimer: One of the requirements to sell pet food in NZ is to label it “Not intended for human consumption”. The main reason being pet food often has lower quality ingredients. Even though we use the same, high-quality ingredients that you and I eat, we have to label it so for legal reasons.

  • Our ingredients - image chicken-scaled on https://www.thegoodboy.co.nz

    Our chicken are cage and hormone free from Tegel

  • Our beef and lamb are raised year-round on lush, green pastures to graze and wander freely.

  • Our ingredients - image chicken_third on https://www.thegoodboy.co.nz

    Our offal comes from local butchers, inspected by us to meet the toughest health and safety conditions

  • Our ingredients - image brocley on https://www.thegoodboy.co.nz

    Broccoli provides fibre that helps maintain healthy bacteria in the gut and regulate normal bowel movements.

  • Our ingredients - image leaves on https://www.thegoodboy.co.nz

    Our produce is grown by local farmers in the Greater Auckland area

  • Our ingredients - image tripe-scaled on https://www.thegoodboy.co.nz

    Green tripe provides essential fatty acids, probiotics and digestive enzymes for an optimal digestive system

  • Our ingredients - image coconutoil-scaled on https://www.thegoodboy.co.nz

    Coconut oil aids in digestion, boosts the immune system and clears up certain skin conditions

  • Our ingredients - image freerangeeggs-scaled on https://www.thegoodboy.co.nz

    Our free range eggs comes from a local farm in the Waitakeres

  • Our ingredients - image seeds on https://www.thegoodboy.co.nz

    Flaxseeds contain essential omega 3 fatty acids for a healthy skin and coat