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Tell us about your dog

Tell us your dog’s weight, age, activity level, breed, and any allergies or health issues we should know about. The profile you create for them allows us to develop the ideal meal plan for your pup, because we believe bags of mass-produced dog food does not fit all. Build your dog’s profile
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1. We create their meal plan

Using the information you give us, we design the ideal meal plan tailored to your dogs’s exact nutritional needs. We take the uncertainty out of how much you should feed by recommending a precise portion. No guesswork, no scooping, no waste. Browse our recipes >
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2. Perfectly portioned servings

Next we start preparing your weekly order, dividing the meals into 7 equal portions so your pup always has the right amount each day. Since we love the environment we offer a reusable stainless-steel bowl option, which we will pick up and refill every week. You also have the choice of traditional vacuum-packed plastic packaging.
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3. Delivered to your door

Now you may be wondering: but if the food is so fresh, won’t it go bad on the way? All our food arrives cold or frozen in insulated and reusable chiller bags, so it maintains the right temperature for up to 3 hours! You can expect to receive your meals the same time each week based on your preferred delivery time (free of charge). Check our delivery times >
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4. Feed and return

All that is left is to let your dog gobble it up straight from the bowl! If you could be kind enough to give the bowls a quick rinse and dry after each meal, we’d be super grateful as this makes the process a little more hygienic. Before your next scheduled delivery, place the empty bowls inside the chiller bag on your doorstep and we’ll replace them with a fresh batch. Just like how milk bottles were delivered back in the day

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