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Frequently asked questions

You can change your delivery address and preferred delivery time on your account page. For other changes such as skipping an order, send us a message on Facebook or email [email protected]
Please provide us with specific delivery instructions delivery instructions (gate codes, buzzer instructions, details on where you would like the package left, etc.). Our drivers will follow them as closely as possible. We will also send you a text message when we have made your delivery but no one was home to collect it. If you cannot be home please prepare a safe place and leave your last week's bowls and bag out so we can replace them with your dog's new meals for the week.
Of course! In the additional order details let us know it's your company address and remember to have enough fridge space in your office
Currently we only deliver to Auckland excluding Rodney, Waiheke and Franklin. Check out our delivery page to see what days we deliver to your area.
The good new is we're constantly updating and expanding our delivery network, make sure to follow us on our Facebook page for the latest updates
Once you sign up for our subscription service, your credit will be automatically billed each week until you decide to skip or cancel
Of course! Our subscription is just one order at a time, so you can easily skip deliveries or cancel your account if you need to. If your dog doesn't like the food we'll offer an alternative recipe or a full refund.
We currently only accept credit and debit cards, once you sign up we bill weekly based on the day you joined.
We don't charge for general wear and tear as long as they are in good working condition. We do charge if they are lost or damaged. The price is $5 per bag, $4 per bowl and $2 per lid.
Nope! Our subscription is just one order at a time, so you can easily skip deliveries or cancel your account if you need to. Let us know 48 hours before your scheduled delivery by sending an email to [email protected] if you would like to make any changes. If there’s something you or your dog is not happy with, and we will do our best to address it.
Once your pup subscribes to our weekly recipe meal plan, every week we'll provide a different source of protein to ensure they receive a good balance of nutrients. If your pup has any allergies or anything they don't eat, let us know and we'll add that to our database so your pup will never receive those ingredients in their future deliveries. We have a wide range of protein available, from beef and chicken to rabbit and wallaby so their taste buds will never get bored!
Because we don't use any preservatives all our food lasts no more than 3 days in the fridge, or 6 months in the freezer.
The easiest way is to move a bowl or bag from the freezer to the fridge the night before, alternatively for an express defrost you can soak the bags or bowls in water for 30 minutes.
All our ingredients are sourced from human grade facilities in New Zealand. For more information check out our ingredients
We recommend you store the bulk of each delivery in your freezer and 2-3 day's worth in your fridge. As we don't use artificial preservatives, fresh meat only lasts about 3 days in the fridge before it starts to go off. When you have served most of your fresh bowls, begin to move the frozen bowls over from your freezer to your fridge. It will take about 24 hours for the bowl to defrost depending on your fridge's temperature. You can also feed your dog the bowls frozen, especailly on hot sunny days. You can also soak the bowls/plastic packaging in water for 30 minutes for an express defrost. Please do not use the microwave to defrost the bowls as they contain stainless steel.
Dry and canned pet foods may look health but are actually designed for the pet owner’s convenience and maximum shelf life instead of nutrition for your pet. Whether you feed your pet from a bag or can, these heavily-processed foods share similar shortcomings: Cooking and high-pressure processing destroy most of the vital enzymes and vitamins in the ingredients. Only a small percentage of the lost nutrients are replaced by synthetic additives but even these are not easily absorbed by your pet. Cheap ingredients including grains and fillers add calories but are actually difficult for pets to digest. Protein levels can look good on the label but can also come from difficult to digest sources. Heavily-processed pet foods contain preservatives for long-term storage in warehouses and retail stores. Preservatives not only depletes micro-nutrients but have been connected with many common allergies – such as yeast on the skin, paws and in the ears.
Even the pickiest of dogs enjoy the benefits of a fresh meat diet! In our experience, even the pickiest of dogs have liked one, if not all good boy meals recipes.
Unfortunately packaging for raw products are not recyclable as the meat juice and blood dirties the packaging and recycling companies won't take them in. Our specially made bowls are stainless steel so they will never rust, are easy to clean, waterproof, non slip and much better for the environment.
We don't charge for general wear and tear as long as they are in good working condition. We do charge if they are lost or damaged. The price is $5 per bag, $4 per bowl and $2 per lid.
Similar to how milk deliveries used to work, we deliver 7 days worth of food for your dog in reusable stainless steel bowls or non recyclable plastic packaging in reusable chiller bags. The following week, hand the reusable items back to our driver or leave them somewhere safe for collection if no one is home. The plastic packaging is non recyclable as the meat juice dirties the plastic.
If your dog is completely new to raw you may notice some mild diarrhoea - this is common for most sorts of diet change. Your dog may also have look constipated when trying to pass stools, this is because dogs on a raw diet have much firmer and smaller stools and they are not used to this change. These symptoms should last no more than a couple of weeks. Once this initial period passes you should notice - More energy and increased vitality - Relief from common skin problems, especially those caused by food intolerance - A shiny and healthy coat - A sharp decrease in common diseases and conditions like arthritis and diabetes - Improved digestion, fresher breath and smaller and almost odourless poops
Nutrition is a polarising topic. Some vets do not, but the number of vets who do are growing. If your vet does not support it you can contact us and we may be able to recommend one who does
There's a few reasons for this. Firstly most people aren't aware of the benefits in feeding a fresh food diet and the long term health risks of feeding processed kibble. Fortunately this has been changing. Most kibble brands you see in store are owned by big multinationals who have an endless marketing budget. The biggest seller of pet food in the world and New Zealand is actually Mars chocolate, they own brands such as Eukanuba, Pedigree and Royal Canin as well as major chains of veterinarian clincis in the United States. These companies sponsor almost all dog events, shows, vet schools, and just about anything else pet related you can think of. It wouldn't be in their best interest to promote eating anything other than their food.
For most healthy dogs and puppies it's best to make a rapid transition. Kibble one day, raw the next day. We have a special recipe consisting of a single meat source, tripe and some vegetables we provide for dogs new to raw. We recommend feeding this for the first week or two until your dog is used to their new diet. If your dog has any serious health conditions please contact us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to assist with any questions you may have
When dogs change to a raw diet, the first thing you will notice is their stools become much smaller, firmer and less smelly. Because their stool is harder, initially your dog may strain to pass them. Your dog may also experience some mild diarrhoea - this is to be expected when your dog has a change from any diet. To ease your dog's digestive system, we have a personalised meal plan made specially for dog's new to raw. If you have any concerns about your dog's toileting, send us an email to [email protected] so we can adjust their diet and suggest if a vet check if necessary.
One of the most awesome things about feeding raw is your dog will love eating it - even the pickiest eaters. However, if your dog just won't budge but you're committed to feeding a fresh diet, flick us an email and we can help you with the process or you can opt for a full refund