Our Story

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We started as curious dog owners who wanted to provide our dogs with the best of everything so they could be with us for as long as possible.
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The marketing and attractive packaging told us we were giving our dogs “delicious and nutritious” meals, but the labels on them made us feel like we were reading a foreign language. What on earth is food colouring and beta hydroxy acid doing in their food? Surely we wouldn’t be okay seeing that on our food labels, so we set on a mission to figure out what was going on.
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Once we started informing ourselves a little better, away from all the marketing and paid veterinary sponsorship. The benefits of feeding a raw diet were instantly obvious. But now we faced a bigger problem: how will we have the time to do this right and prepare these meals every single day?
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To make matters worse, once we started getting the ratios and weights of the meat right, we were left with huge piles of plastic packaging that came with the meat. This made us feel terrible about our impact on the environment, and so…
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… we created The Good Boy Company! Our very own way of dedicating ourselves to the well-being of dogs everywhere. We make it very easy and simple, delivering the food at your doorstep in environmentally-friendly packages. From our puppies to yours… happy healthy eating!