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If you’ve come this far you must have a genuine interest in your dog’s health – so we thank you – the world needs more people like you! The team here at The Good Boy Company are first and foremost dog lovers. We started this company to educate and provide pet owners a simple way to feed their dogs a balanced, biologically appropriate, raw food diet. Nutrition is a polarising topic; the debates are endless. However, something we can all agree on is fresh food being a staple part of every diet.

Introduction to raw feeding

Dogs and cats on a traditional kibble diet are the only animals in the world who do not get to enjoy fresh food. Outside of humans they are the only animals who eat cooked food. Bags of kibble consists of questionable ingredients marked “not safe for human consumption” – yet we expect our pets to eat them. They are cooked in high temperatures and coated with preservatives to maintain a long shelf life. Then packaged and marketed as the only way a dog can get all their nutrients. This is considered the norm; even the most optimal way of feeding our domestic carnivores by most of society. Raw feeding challenges this notion. Instead, we provide our dogs and cats a diet consisting of raw meat, edible bones, fresh fruit, and vegetables in similar ratios as how their ancestors would have eaten in the wild prior to human designed dog food. When we eat healthy we feel better, and we live a longer, healthier life. This is the same for all animals. It doesn’t take a scientific study to let our body know eating a complete meal consisting of a variety of fresh ingredients is better for our health than junk food from a bag.

Benefits of Feeding Raw

Smaller poops

More energy

Less odour

Shinier coat

Fresh breath

Additional resources

If you’re interested in learning more about raw feeding, check out our FAQs.
But don’t just take our word for it!

Some books published by veterinarians around the world:
Raw and natural nutrition for dogs by Lew Olson
The Barf Diet by Ian Billinghurst
Pet food politics by Marion Nestle

Some websites:
Dr Karen Becker
Raw Feeding Veterinary Society
Rodney Habib from planet paws
Dogs naturally magazine